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Jigsaw4u’s 5th Annual Art Exhibition

Morden Hall Park hosts 5th Art Exhibition for Jigsaw4u. The rain just about stayed away for what was a lovely afternoon celebrating children’s art with Jigsaw4u staff, volunteers, families, supporters and business partners.

With nearly 50 pieces of art exhibited, including a 3D model of a plan hanging overhead, this may have been our biggest exhibition yet. The theme this year was ‘My Favourite Things’ which inspired a variety of pieces including these amazing works

‘Swings and Slides’ – Grace, 9 years old

When I go on the swings and slides it makes me happy when I am muddled up….I go on the slide at school when I need time away from everyone


‘Paper Planes’ – Callum, 7 years old

I like to make paper planes because I know I am good at making them and this makes me feel good about myself

‘Using My Senses’ – Tia, 10 years old
Art Sand

The soft sand running through my fingers helps me feel calm and relaxed


The event was opened by the Madam Mayor of Merton and was attended by local business sponsors Simpson Millar Solicitors, who donated the materials for the art workshop, as well the team of RBS Graduates working on Jigsaw4u’s new Training and Consultancy programme. ASDA Sutton’s Community Champion even did some face painting for us!

The children and families that attended were thrilled to see their work on display in a working gallery, this give the children a fantastic sense of achievement and confidence and will hopefully inspire them to continue to express themselves artistically. At Jigsaw4u we use art a lot as a means for children to explore their feelings, drawing, painting and creating are the most common ways we use to work therapeutically with children, beyond just talking. It’s really important for all children and young people to have the time and space to be creative and use their imaginations!

The exhibition is a cross project event that includes children from all services across Jigsaw4u and brings both the children and team together. It’s rare we get to put on events as a whole team due to the nature of the work that we do days like these are really special to us as a team, as well as the families we work with.

Huge thanks to the children that took part, the local business people and friends of Jigsaw4u that came to view the work, to the Madam Mayor and most importantly and Morden Hall Park and the National Trust for giving these children the opportunity to see their work on display.

The exhibition will be up in The Stable Yard at Morden Hall Park for 4 weeks so please so go down and see it if you can and if you do tell us what you think in the sign in book.



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