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Together, we can help put the pieces back together

As a charity we spend over 85% of our income directly on our service-delivery supporting children, young people and families facing complex social and emotional difficulties.

Donating to Jigsaw4u gives us the power to fill any potential gaps in our service-delivery, allowing us more options when delivering our support, an example would be through providing further sessions for individuals that may require further support from us.

Our Income and Expenditure

Over 85% of our income goes directly towards service-delivery, which means that each and every donation contributes greatly to helping support our work.

Donations help us to maintain our services that may not have secured funding with grants from companies and trusts.

What one-off and monthly donations to Jigsaw4u can do?

One-off Donations


Pays for a memory box for a bereaved child or young person.


Pays for a meal, transport and safety plan for a missing child or young person.


Pays for a one-to-one therapy session for a child or young person.


Monthly Donations


Would cover an educational trip for a group of disadvantaged children.


Would cover sports coaching for disabled young people.


Would cover a course of play therapy for an adopted child.


Other ways to Donate

There are several ways to donate to Jigsaw4u, you can learn more about other ways to donate by checking out any of the options found below.


Have you got any goods or services you might like to donate?

Donating Goods

Donating goods is a great way to support our service-users, especially during the current cost of living crisis that we are collectively facing. Here are some ideas of donated goods that can benefit those we support.

  • Canned or Long-life food
  • New Clothing
  • Equipment

Our up-to-date needs

We also have a document with up-to-date needs. This changes regularly. Please give it a look and get in touch with us if you have any questions about these goods or services.

Current Needs

Providing Services

Any services that might help us with our work would be much appreciated.

This can be through our Activities4u service. Perhaps you’re a children’s entertainer and you could join us at one of our Beats and Pieces community events. Please reach out to our team if you can provide a service at a free or discounted rate that you feel could benefit our service-users.

Get in touch

Support from Businesses, Organisations and Individuals

Individuals within organisations or businesses have the power to help create a positive impact to improve the lives of our service-users.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving, also known as workplace giving, is a simple and tax-effective way to donate to charity.

It is an HM Customs and Revenue scheme that enables employees to donate tax free through their pay to any charity in the UK. This means that your donation is deducted from your gross salary, tax free, so the tax you would have paid on your donation is also donated to Jigsaw4u.

For every £10 donation you pay:


(20% rate)


(40% rate)


(45% rate)

More information on Payroll Giving can be found directly on: www.gov.uk.

Alternatively, a direct debit can also be set up and cheques can also be accepted.

If you would like any guidance on how to donate through these options, please get in touch with us.

Corporate Partnerships with Jigsaw4u

At present, a majority of our funding comes from grants provided by trusts, foundations and local authority funding. With cuts on local authority budgets, business sponsorship is a way in which Jigsaw4u can continue to ensure we continue to provide our vital support for children, young people and families.

There are many benefits for businesses that sponsor Jigsaw4u. To learn more, visit our Corporate Partnerships page.

Corporate Partnerships

Easy Fundraising

Free donations made on your behalf as you shop online

Make easy and free donations as you shop online with over 7,000 brands. These donations are made on your behalf by the business you have bought products or services from. These donations go directly into helping our children, young people and families across South West London.

Get started

Legacy Donations

Legacy donations can take the form of gifts in memory which can be selected by an individual or on behalf of someone or through gifts left in your will.

Gifts in Memory

As a community charity with a flagship bereavement service that has supported thousands of children, young people and families through our pre and post bereavement service, we realise that the death of a loved one has a huge and long-lasting impact.

A lot of people now choose to commemorate the person they’ve lost with charity donations or fundraising events, these are known as gifts in memory. An example of this would be through donating the cost of flowers to a charity at the request of a family.

If you are thinking of leaving a gift in memory, please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to talk about what you are planning.

We are also listed on Memory Giving which should easily be discoverable by Funeral Directors across the UK. This allows for you to create a donation page which can be set up to collect donations which supports Jigsaw4u.

Get in touch

Gifts in your will

Leaving a gift in your will is another way to leave a legacy donation which can secure our future in continuing to deliver our work, protecting the services we offer for years to come.

Please feel free to speak with us, or your will writer, if you would like any further information on this.

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Other ways to Get Involved

Fundraise for us

Fundraising is a great way to support our charity as you can make a large impact on the lives of our service-users whilst having fun, challenging yourself or bringing people together.

Learn More

Volunteer with us

We provide training and support for our volunteers who do so much amazing direct work with our service-users through our Helping Hands and Independent Visiting services.

Learn More

Partnering with Schools

Support from local schools means so much to the children and young people we help at Jigsaw4u. This is because they are receiving support from their peers, friends, neighbours and the wider community.

Learn More

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