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Collaborating with businesses supports Jigsaw4u's mission

As a medium-sized charity that works across six boroughs in South West London, support from local businesses help to make a huge difference to our service-delivery.

This is mostly through our existing partnerships with businesses as well as the hard work and efforts from corporate fundraisers, company donations and sponsorships.

Why Partner with Jigsaw4u?

We are a community charity that helps children, young people and families facing complex social and emotional difficulties across South West London. This is something we have done for over 26 years.

Our specialist mental health and wellbeing support has the power to help them put the pieces back together, providing service-users various coping strategies to face the issues they are experiencing, building up their self-esteem and confidence to ensure that they have the best chance for a bright and happy future.

Get to know us through the voices of our children and young people

How Corporate Support helps Jigsaw4u

At present, most of our income is from grants, trusts, foundations and local authority funding. In recent years, we have experienced the loss of some services due to cuts in local authority budgets.

With the knowledge that further cuts could be made, Jigsaw4u wants to secure the future of our services so that we can provide the support that’s needed for children, young people and families across the local community.

It is in this time that corporate partnerships are very important to charities and contribute greatly to helping make charities sustainable.

Our Income and Expenditure

Over 85% of our income goes directly towards service-delivery, which means that each and every donation contributes greatly to helping support our work.

What your support enables us to do

Jigsaw4u is a varied charity and the money we raise can fund many things beside specific services which is how our current funding streams are set up.

If you are interested in supporting Jigsaw4u, please contact us. Macklin Doherty, our Business Development and Communications Manager would be happy to discuss this with you.

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What does it do for your Company?

Helping to raise your company profile

Supporting Jigsaw4u increases your company’s visibility. Choosing to support a charity defines your corporate identity as you are actively answering the needs of the cause through your contributions or fundraising activities.

Jigsaw4u can promote your fundraising through various media, enhancing your company profile and associating it with good causes.

This could be particularly beneficial to your business, as it allows your clients or customers to see your company’s values and goodwill. By supporting a local charity, you could also connect with clients who have personally benefitted from the service (of which there are over 50,000 individuals) or know someone who has.

Where we promote:

  • Various Publications we produce, like our Annual Review
  • Our website
  • Across Jigsaw4u’s Social Media profiles
  • E-Newsletters

Reducing your Corporation Tax with Charitable Contributions

Donations to charities are tax-deductible, reducing your Corporation Tax, by giving money, equipment, or sponsorship to charities, your company can claim tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before you pay tax.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from tax relief, you can visit the Gov.uk Business Tax section.


Builds stronger teams and improves your workplace

Fundraising can have numerous benefits for your company’s employees. It can enhance team building, staff retention, improve communication skills, and can even help to develop new skills and responsibilities. By engaging in fundraising activities, your employees can bond with each other across all levels of your organisation.

Fundraising can boost morale and motivate your employees. It gives everyone a ‘feel good’ feeling, knowing that they are making a difference. By making your workplace more enjoyable and engaging for current members of staff, fundraising can even help you to attract new employees or clients as well.

Connecting with Your Community

Additionally, fundraising can help to keep your employees in touch with the needs of your community.

They may not come across many of the issues affecting the children and families that charities like Jigsaw4u work with in the day-to-day running of your business. By raising awareness of community needs, your employees can engage more effectively with your community.

For example, Jigsaw4u works with children and young people who have experienced trauma, bereavement, and abuse. By supporting Jigsaw4u, your company can help to address the needs of vulnerable children and families in your community. Through fundraising activities, your employees can learn about the issues facing these children and families and contribute to creating a more supportive community.

On top of this, your brand becomes more recognised across the local community, including public relations. Occasionally, Jigsaw4u hosts events that can be opened up to other business supporters of ours, allowing for increased networking and marketing opportunities, giving your company and employees exposure to different sectors.

How you can support us

Select Jigsaw4u as your company's charity of the year

Choose Jigsaw4u as your charity of the year and make a real difference to children and young people in need. Your company can:

  • Donate all proceeds from fundraising events throughout the year
  • Hold a networking event to share Jigsaw4u’s work with your network
  • Showcase our logo on your website or email signature
  • Host an annual fundraising event such as a gala or golf day
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Staff fundraising

Your staff can also run their own fundraising events throughout the year or join in on established national challenge events, with our help to develop creative ideas that don’t distract from everyday work.

Fundraising is great for solidifying teamwork and in bigger companies, can allow for internal teams to mix and socialise with the wider company.

On top of this, your company may have a match-funding scheme that doubles whatever is raised by staff fundraisers. If fundraisers publicise this to donors, this works very well for incentivising more people to support your event when they know that their donation could have an added impact.

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Easy Fundraising

Free donations made on your behalf as you shop online

Make easy and free donations as you shop online with over 7,000 brands. These donations are made on your behalf by the business you have bought products or services from. These donations go directly into helping our children, young people and families across South West London.

Get started


It’s possible that your company might not have the capacity to provide a financial donation. However, you might be able to provide some useful gifts or skills, including art equipment, IT support, or marketing advice. Contact us to discuss gifts-in-kind.


Donating goods are a great way to support our service-users, especially during the current cost of living crisis that we are collectively facing.

Here are some ideas of donated goods that can benefit those we support.

  • Canned or Long-life food
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
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Any services that might help us with our work would be much appreciated.

This can be carried out through our Activities4u service.

Perhaps you know a children’s entertainer or musician and you could join us at one of our Beats and Pieces community events.

Please reach out to our team if you can provide a service at a free or discounted rate that you feel could benefit our service-users.

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Business Sponsorships

Make a difference your way

Your company may be interested in sponsoring a particular Jigsaw4u event, project or service. If this is the case, then we’ll feature your name and logo on all our materials and publicity.

There might also be something that you are interested in that we don’t currently have funding to provide. If this is the case, we could discuss creating a service together that will help put the pieces back together for children, young people and families across Southwest London.

Sponsor us

Company Donations

Helping us to put the pieces back together

Make a company donation to Jigsaw4u as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) Strategy.

These donations are tax-deductible and the unrestricted nature of these donations gives us the flexibility to identify any gaps in our current provision or to develop current services that may require more funding to expand our services. We welcome phone calls and visits from interested companies.

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How Jigsaw4u can support your company?

We're here to help with creative ideas to engage your employees, and we offer branded materials, donation buckets and boxes, as well as informative presentations about Jigsaw4u's work. Contact us to discuss how we can support you.

Get the ball rolling with Fundraising

Would you like to work with us?

Jigsaw4u's Corporate Supporters

Wimbledon Offices Ltd Logo

Wimbledon Offices Ltd

Wimbledon Offices Ltd have supported us with a donation in the New Year as part of their overall CSR strategy for 2023 which aims to support local causes and charities where they feel their contribution will make a difference.
Watson & Sole Logo

Watson & Sole

Watson & Sole, based in Sutton, partnered with us in May 2019. In that same year they purchased our Therapeutic log Cabin, which gave our service-users another space to access when coming to us for support. Watson & Sole continue to support us by running events and providing donations.

Wallington & Carshalton's Women's Institute

The members of Wallington and Carshalton’s Women’s Institute have supported Jigsaw4u through various fundraising activities and donations of Christmas gifts for our children and young people.
Waitrose & Partners Logo

Waitrose Raynes Park & Wimbledon

Waitrose Raynes Park and Waitrose Wimbledon customers have kindly supported us through the amazing Waitrose community matters programme.
Sainsbury's Wallington

Sainsbury's Wallington

We have been fortunate to receive support from the staff and customers of Sainsbury’s Wallington since 2019 through food donations, financial grants and other fundraising activities.
Reed Logo


Reed Wimbledon have raised funds for us through various events and have made donations for our children and young people.
Mitcham Golf Club Logo

Mitcham Golf Club

Mitcham Golf Club have supported us since 2020. They have selected us as their chosen charity for the last two years and will continue to support us in this capacity for 2023 by raising funds for Jigsaw4u through various fundraising activities.
Members of the Parthenon Masonic Lodge Logo

Members of the Parthenon Masonic Lodge

The members of the Parthenon Masonic Lodge donated money towards our bereavement helpline.
Love Water Logo

Love Water

We have been partnered with Love Water since 2016 when they supplied 200 water bottles for our first ever Football4u tournament. They continue to work with us making regular water and financial donations.
Halifax Sutton Logo

Halifax Sutton

Halifax Sutton has supported us through various fundraising activities and donations.
Givers Gain Logo

Givers Gain

Givers Gain, based in Wallington have chosen Jigsaw4u as their charity to support this year, hosting two Golf Days in Summer 2022 and 2023 which raised funds to support our work across South West London.
Gillman Funeral Services Logo

Gillman Funeral Services

Gillman Funeral Services in Carshalton, kindly donated Christmas hampers last year for some of our families.
Gibsons Logo


Gibsons Games is a British, family business established in 1919, who are located in Sutton. They have been supporting our work since 2017. They have done much to support us since then by donating gifts, puzzles, board and card games as well as taking part in several fundraising activities for Jigsaw4u.
Coop Funeralcare Logo

Co-op Funeralcare

Co-op Funeralcare in Rose Hill have donated food hampers for some of our various fundraising events.
Close Brothers Logo

Close Brothers

Close Brothers has been partnered with Jigsaw4u since 2016. They have done much to support us since then with fundraising events and donations for our service-users.
CGATE Logistics Logo

CGATE - Logistics UK

CGATE – Logistics UK Ltd made a Christmas donation in 2022 to support our specialist support work with children and young people across our local community.
Brickability Logo


Brickability has supported us since the beginning of this year and we’re incredibly excited to collaborate with them. They’ve already taken part in our ‘26 miles for 26 years’ campaign by walking 1.5 million steps to support us with this milestone.
Andrew Scott Robertson Logo

Andrew Scott Robertson

Andrew Scott Robertson, who are based in Wimbledon Town and Village, made a Christmas donation in 2022 to support Jigsaw4u’s work across our local community in Southwest London.

Our Partners

As well as our business supporters, we are supported by a range of organisations who help our children, young people and families to put the pieces back together.

Other ways to get involved


Help us put the pieces back together by donating today. No amount is too small. Learn more about how you can make a difference for our service-users.

Learn More


As a medium-sized charity working across South West London to provide therapeutic services, fundraising has a huge impact on the lives of our service-users.

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Volunteer your time to directly help our service-users with training provided for our Helping Hands and Independent Visiting services and more.

Learn More

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