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Providing support in response to the needs of our communities

For Children & Young People


Empowering children and young people in the care system to speak out about decisions affecting their lives through Jigsaw4u’s independent Advocacy service.

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Child Exploitation

Jigsaw4u’s professional care and partnership working has been essential in tackling the complexities of Child Exploitation across South West London.

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EBSAnd Flows

Offering support for children and young people who are experiencing Emotional School Based Avoidance, with additional support for families.

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Home School Links

Schools can commission Jigsaw4u directly to provide on-site support for students who are facing a variety of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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Independent Visiting

Jigsaw4u provide volunteers who befriend young people in care, developing trusting relationships which are designed to be long-term, consistent and fun.

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Little Hands

One-to-one Play Therapy on an outreach basis for 4– 10-year-olds across South West London who have been affected by Domestic Abuse.

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Missing Young People

Our Return Home Interviews and follow-up support helps children and young people who have been missing from home to overcome any other underlying issues.

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Piece of Mind

Therapeutic support for young people who are diagnosed with or experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety across South West London.

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Pre & Post Bereavement

Our flagship service, helping children and young people overcome bereavement, whether their loved one has passed away or are facing a life-limiting illness.

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Suicide Support

The suicide of a family member or friend is one of the most traumatic things that a child, young person or family could face, Jigsaw4u are here to help.

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Tenancy Support Service

Focused and intensive support for care experienced young people, helping them with housing and making a successful transition into independent living.

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Therapeutic Life Story Work

Providing specialist therapeutic interventions to help adopted and SGO children and young people understand and accept their personal history.

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Young Victims of Crime

Tailored support interventions for young people who have experienced crime, helping them to overcome emotional trauma and increase their sense of safety.

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For Families

Adoption Play Therapy

Using Play Therapy, Theraplay and DDP to help children overcome developmental trauma, attachment disorder and other adoption-related difficulties.

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Helping Hands

We offer practical and emotional support to individual women, men and families affected by domestic abuse through our trained volunteers and professional group sessions.

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Parent Child Game

Jigsaw4u offer therapeutic support on a one-to-one basis as well as advice and consultation for parents of children aged between 4-11 years old with challenging behaviours.

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Prisoners’ Families

Jigsaw4u offer therapeutic support on a one-to-one basis for 5 – 17 year olds who have a member of their family in prison. Jigsaw4u provides advice, guidance and consultation for professionals and parents of children affected.

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Who's In Charge?

For parents and carers experiencing abusive behaviours from their children who want to re-establish boundaries and to reclaim control over their family.

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For Our Communities


Free activities and events for our service-users, this can include trips, visits, tours, workshops and other opportunities they may not have experienced before.

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Beats and Pieces: Community Events

Bringing the local community together with fun events that includes entertainment, music, interactive activities and more for people of all ages.

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Wilson Wellbeing

We operate a wellbeing space out of the Wilson hospital in Mitcham, where the local community can engage in and develop wellbeing services and activities.

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For Professionals

Commission a Service

Speak with us if there is a service that you would like to commission Jigsaw4u to work on.

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Training & Consultancy

Train and learn from our team of expert practitioners and therapists about how best to support children, young people and families.

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Latest News

Jigsaw4u News

One week left to double the difference for Piece of Mind

As part of Mental Health Awareness week (13th - 19th May, 2024) we have partnered with Big Give and their Champion match-funders to support our in-demand Depression and Anxiety service…
Jigsaw4u News

Spot the Signs – Child Exploitation Awareness Week 2024

One of Jigsaw4u’s priorities is increasing awareness and tackling child exploitation. We’re working closely with Sutton Council to promote awareness of this important subject and help as many people as…
Jigsaw4u News

Finding Freedom – Out Now

Jigsaw4u have released a mini-documentary entitled Finding Freedom, which explores the journey of a vulnerable young person who, with the support of Jigsaw4u, sought an escape from criminal exploitation.We were…

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