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In recognition of Jigsaw4u’s response to the mental health crisis for children and young people across South West London, we have won London Youth’s ‘Try Something New Award’ for 2023.

This is what our CEO, Stephen Loizou, had to say when accepting the award:

“It is one thing for adults to recognise there is a mental health crisis for young people, and another for organisations like Jigsaw4u to put services in place. However, it takes incredible courage for a young person struggling with their mental health to access these and persevere through the process to come out the other side. Jigsaw4u accept this award in recognition of these brave young people.”

Well done to all other organisations who were shortlisted and congratulations to the other winners. Thank you to the team at London Youth for organising this brilliant event and for recognising our dedication to improving the lives of children and young people in South West London. We look forward to joining you again next year!

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