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Schools have the power to make a big difference

Schools can do much to help Jigsaw4u’s children, young people and families. Their fundraising efforts can make a very meaningful impact on the local community, supporting neighbours, and even friends and family members that need support.

What does it do for your school?

We can let your school know more about our work

We provide fun and informative assemblies and presentations which gives your School a deeper understanding of our work and mission.

This knowledge can help students understand the importance of our work and promotes a greater sense of social consciousness.

It also gives them an insight about what’s going on in their local community.

Help and support with creative fundraising ideas

We can give you some tips and ideas to get your fundraising started. However, fundraising is a great opportunity to give children some creative license and responsibility to come up with their own ideas.

Running your own fundraising campaign, however big or small that may be, can teach children responsibility and give them unique abilities and increased soft skills like communication and team building, which are applicable to many areas of work and is great for any CV.

We will let you know about the difference you’ve made

Fundraising gives everyone that ‘feel good’ feeling and helps teach students that their fundraising efforts can help make a difference.

We let your School know the impact that your donations have on the lives of the people we support.

Whenever a school raises any amount of money, we make it a priority to let you know about how much your donation means to us by writing a thank you letter and providing you with a donation certificate.

Spreading the word and raising your school’s profile

We want to celebrate your school’s hard work and efforts which can be done through our website, social media, email newsletters and more (unless you say otherwise).

We would love any photos and videos, with everyone’s consent of course, which we can share on these platforms. This will raise the profile of your school whilst letting everyone know about the amazing fundraising you are doing.

If you have other ideas on how to mark your achievement, like presenting members of our team with a cheque, we would be more than happy to accommodate this.

How your school can support us

Select us as your partnered charity of the year

We have been fortunate to receive fundraising support from Schools who have selected us as their Charity of the Year, which brought about great results for the schools involved and for Jigsaw4u.

Over the course of a year your school could raise a substantial donation amount through the organisation of several fundraising activities. The final sum makes a massive difference to the children, young people and families that we support. This is because we are a medium sized charity which means that any amount you raise will have the power to make a huge difference!

We can provide you with Jigsaw4u merchandise such as buttons, t-shirts and other things that can help you find success with your fundraising efforts over the year whilst spreading awareness of our work across South West London.

Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can help you kick off your fundraising journey with us and to learn more about what you have planned.

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Fundraising Activities

You could organise a one-off fundraising activity like a bake sale, or extend this to a shortened period of fundraising, for example, your school could have a Senior Prefect Week of Fun with a series of activities intended to raise money for Jigsaw4u.

If you need help with ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we’d be happy to help.

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Donating gifts and goods

Donating items to give to our service-users or to support our service-delivery is another way in which you could help us put the pieces back together.

If you have anything in mind for donations, please get in touch with us below and provide details about the prospective donation.

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First Give

What's First Give?

This is a national scheme which teaches young people about the importance of being socially conscious and active in providing support for a charity of their choice.

It’s great for your school as you can progress to the finals and possibly win a donation of up to £1,000.

Here are some winners from previous years.

If you would like to get involved and support Jigsaw4u, we would be more than happy to give a presentation and Q&A session with your students.

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Easy Fundraising

Free donations made on your behalf as you shop online

Make easy and free donations as you shop online with over 7,000 brands. These donations are made on your behalf by the business you have bought products or services from. These donations go directly into helping our children, young people and families across South West London.

Get started

Interested in partnering with us?

Services Jigsaw4u can provide for your school

Home School Links

Providing primary and secondary schools with an on-site Specialist Support Practitioner to work with their students, parents / carers on a one-to-one, group and drop-in basis.

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Training and Consultancy

With our team of specialist support practitioners and therapists we have the expertise to train your organisation about care and support for children, young people and families.

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All Our Services

We have a number of specialist support services that helps children, young people, families and our communities to put the pieces back together.

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