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Jigsaw4u have released a mini-documentary entitled Finding Freedom, which explores the journey of a vulnerable young person who, with the support of Jigsaw4u, sought an escape from criminal exploitation.

We were approached by the producers of Finding Freedom, Toy Soldier Films, in January 2022 when they offered to create Jigsaw4u a free mini-documentary. After meeting them for the first time and seeing their work, we felt that this was too good to be true, but it wasn’t. At this time, we had released ‘Then and Now,’ for our 25th Anniversary-year, this focussing on Jigsaw4u’s flagship bereavement service. Impressed by Jigsaw4u’s diverse range of services, we agreed to use this opportunity to showcase a different element of the support we provide.

Finding Freedom focuses on criminal exploitation – a subject which despite receiving wider attention in recent years, continues to pose an enormous risk to young people across South West London and beyond.

You can watch the film below:

Some parts of Finding Freedom can make for difficult viewing, however, our aim for the film is that people can take away a sense of hope from its story.

Charities like Jigsaw4u exist and have the team and expertise to help young people overcome challenges and fulfil their potentials. We want Finding Freedom to motivate young people in similar situations, so please share this film far and wide.

If you are a young person affected by criminal exploitation or if you are worried about a young person, please call ChildLine on 0800 1111.

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