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Commission our services for expert help in improving lives

We commission services in a variety of ways, many of which are commissioned by funders that we have applied to.

Other projects are commissioned because of an identified area of need – either by us or another organisation such as a Local Authority or schools. This can be done through a service or through spot purchase for individual work.

You can be sure with our wealth of experience of helping thousands of service-users across South West London since 1997, that any service you commission with us will provide and accommodate for the needs of individuals and families that need professional therapeutic care and support.

Commission a service with us

Specific Project Commissioning

You might have a specific project you would like to commission that we can tailor to your needs.

For example, a Local Authority might be looking for a domestic abuse project to work with children affected by abuse. Or you may be looking for a provider for your statutory advocacy service for children in the care system.

Please contact us below to work with us and help put the pieces back together.

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Spot Purchase Commissioning

Spot purchasing commissioning works for one off pieces of work, or a one-off programme of sessions for children and young people who don’t otherwise meet the criteria of a project or have a specialist need.

The type of support we can offer:

· Play Therapy

· Art / Drama Therapy

· Music Therapy

· Therapeutic Life Story Work

· And more!

Other examples include:

· Jigsaw4u could carry out a one-off planning session with a child.

· Provide multiple sessions of support for a child or young person with experience of trauma.

· Or if you work with a teenager being affected by domestic abuse, you could buy in for one of Jigsaw4u’s Specialist Support Practitioners to provide a programme of support to help them talk about their own experiences.

We would be happy to chat with you if commissioning a service with Jigsaw4u would be of interest to you.

Get in touch with us

Quote from one of our young people

My Jigsaw4u worker is an amazing woman, who is very supportive and I just love seeing her because she makes me feel relaxed.

She's a wonderful mentor, who helps me with all my problems. I feel like I'm very open with her and that I can speak to her about anything and everything.

She's the only person who I feel very comfortable talking with and expressing my feelings to, which makes me feel more at ease as I feel like I can be really honest with her.

My placement does help me but it’s different to the way that my Jigsaw4u support worker helps me. Giving advice within relationships and friendships, and I also know that she is trustworthy which I love about her...

And she doesn’t put pressure on me either!

Young person accessing Jigsaw4u's Spot Purchase Support

Are you interested in commissioning a service with us?

All Our Services

We have a number of specialist support services that helps children, young people, families and our communities to put the pieces back together.

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