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This is a request for help! to anyone who knows someone or works themselves in the video gaming industry.

As some of you may know GamesAid is a UK based video games charity which acts as an umbrella to support a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. Their mission is…

The games industry is a young industry full of energetic and enthusiastic people bursting with ideas and creativity, GamesAid seeks to harness the talents and energy of our industry to get out and raise money for great causes.

We are always looking for new ideas and new members to join our ever growing membership to help us to improve the lives of the many young people who need support.’

What we need… The Bereavement Support Project has applied to this year’s GamesAid fund and we need the support of individuals/companies within the gaming industry to support our application. Each member of GamesAid gets a vote and the charities that get the top number of votes then get an equal share of all the monies raised that year, proving that games and gamers can do great things for others.

GamesAid funding would provide support to children like Freya…

Freya’s story

‘Hey, my name’s Freya, I am eight years old and two years ago I had a horrible experience, my dad died! I cried my heart out. I was sitting alone at break, I couldn’t talk to anyone because no one knew how I felt, I was really depressed and my mum could see it. I was never going to smile again. Well at least that is what I thought, until one day, my mum told me about Jigsaw4u. It made everything better. Without Jigsaw4u this paper would be soaking wet. I even made a little book all about my dad which I always look in. Now all I need to worry about is my homework, I don’t need to worry about break or lunch. I don’t need to talk to other people because I feel fine. Most importantly, I smile! My Jigsaw4u worker, helped me so much. No one will ever bother me. If there’s anything I am ever sad about daddy, I would go to Jigsaw4u.’

So GamesAid nominations will take place over the next 22 days, during which time we will be sharing #22 reasons why our children and young people we deserve your vote.

Follow our #22reasons campaign on Twitter @Jigsaw4u and tweet your support for us @GamesAid too!

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