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Jigsaw4u Seaside Trip

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sue, Brendon, Rita, Tony, Emma, Greg, Duncan and Mishcon de Reya for giving us the opportunity to take some of our amazing children, young people and families to the seaside this year. Many of our children have very little planned for the summer holidays for various reasons i.e. they have a family member who is sick with cancer, they are experiencing family breakdown, they are living with domestic abuse or they have had a family member recently die.
‘Jigsaw’s Beano Dining Club’ and ‘Duathalon Duncan’ have enabled us to take 33 children and 10 parents to Littlehampton for a day of crabbing, fun fairs, fish and chips and of course, ice cream! Some of these children had never been to the seaside before, and they got a true British seaside experience, but luckily without rain this year!!
The children can say it better than us, so here is what some of them thought about the day:

“Thank you for today I had a great time at the beach and I loved catching the crabs even tho it was hard. Thank you.”

“Today was an amazing day, at first I was a bit apprehensive about coming but I had a wonderful time, thank you to everyone who made it possible”

“I had a great day and got a ladybird teddy”

“Today was sick!”

“The whole day was fun! My favourite part was the chips and ice cream, also swimming in the sea was fun – we saw real fish!”

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