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Watson & Sole took part in Banstead Rotary Club’s Charity Walk event which took place in May, where they walked 8.5 miles and raised £540 to support Jigsaw4u’s children, young people and families!

This donation will go towards Jigsaw4u’s second-ever Brighton trip for our young people aged between 12 – 24, taking place today. Below are some images from last year.

Jigsaw4u thanks Watson & Sole for their continued support of our work, and we were glad to see that they had an enjoyable day out and that the windy weather didn’t affect them whilst they were hiking.

We also wish to say thank you to Banstead Rotary Club for organising and managing the event. We hope that it was successful for them and had a good spread of positive impact for the other causes and charities selected by the walkers who took part.

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